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Our mission is to provide our clients with the personal attention required to get results. Limbaugh Law aims to provide exceptional service to every client no matter how big or small their legal needs.

We believe that a fundamental part of representing our clients is protecting their financial interests and not charging high rates for services they do not need. We approach every matter individually and custom tailor a solution that meets all your needs.


City of Chicago Municipal Defense

From minor City to fines to complex corporate litigation Limbaugh Law provides personalized full service representation to all our clients. Below are a list of some of the more common areas we handle. Call or text for more information or if you are facing an issue not on the list, even if it is something we don’t handle we may be able to refer you to another experienced attorney.

Vehicle Impoundment →
Police Tickets →
CDOT Violations →
Business Code Violations →
Streets & Sanitation Violations →
Health Code Violations →

“Understanding your municipal rights is the key to winning each case.”

The city of Chicago has a serious debt problem. As a result it’s made some poor choices including going after its own citizens as a way of generating revenue. When Rahm Emanual took office in 2011 the city was desperate to fill its budget gaps and one of its “solutions” was to jack up costs on just about every minor tax, fine and permit. I’ve seen an alarming trend of the city overstepping the state constitution in an effort to generate more revenue at the expense of its citizen’s rights. Without someone on your side it can be extremely difficult to navigate the maze of bureaucratic red tape and get the result that you want. My job is to put a stop to this trend and to get you a result that’s favorable. You have a huge advantage with someone like me on your side because I know how the city works and exactly what to do to get you a favorable result.


Police Tickets

Drinking on the Public Way (MCC 8-4-030(a)), Public Urination (MCC 8-4-081)

CDOT Violations

Pavement Restoration (MCC 10-20-155), Tearing up Public Ways (MCC 10-20-160).

Streets & Sanitation Violations

High Weeds (MCC 7-28-120), Accumulation of Refuse (MCC 7-28-261)


Vehicle Impoundment

Drugs in Vehicle or on Person in Vehicle (MCC 7-24-225), DUI (MCC 7-24-226(a))

Business Code Violations

No Business License (4-4-020(a)), No Business License Insignia Displayed (4-4-210)

Health Code Violations

Spoiled Food (7-38-005(B)(B-2)), Improper Facility Temperature (7-38-005(A))

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You CAN fight City Hall. Limbaugh is the firm you want on your side when you do.
– Adan S.
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Zack Limbaugh is a prominent attorney in his field.
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